Banquet Facility Services in Clyde, OH

Our Banquet Facility is the Perfect Venue for Any Special Event

WR Hunt Club is known for our outdoor bird hunting experiences and our sport clay course. We also offer a banquet facility on site that is a great venue for many different events, special occasions and more. If you are planning a party, wedding, shower, rehearsal dinner, banquet, meeting, conference and many other special events, we invite you to rent our banquet facility. Once you rent the banquet facility you may choose how to use it. You can customize the catering, table set up, decorations and many more aspects of the venue to make it your own unique place. For more information about our banquet facility and to set up a reservation, contact WR Hunt Club at (419) 547-8550.

Enjoy a Nice Get Together in a Beautiful Outdoor Setting

WR Hunt Club offers a banquet facility in a friendly, warm and inviting atmosphere in Clyde, OH. Your guests and you will enjoy the view of the beautiful outdoor setting. Our facility is open to any type of celebration or other special get together. No matter what kind of a event you are planning, WR Hunt Club will make sure it will be a moment you remember forever. If you are planning a catered dinner, business meeting, wedding reception, seminar, conference or other special event, you can depend on WR Hunt Club to have the venue you need.

WR Hunt Club Provides a Great Venue in a Convenient Location

We are proud to offer a venue where people can get together and enjoy the outdoors in Northwest Ohio. WR Hunt Club’s banquet facility is conveniently located just eight miles from Fremont, OH. Since we are only 40 miles from Findlay and Toledo, OH, and about 70 miles from Cleveland, OH, our banquet facility is a great local place to take a break from the stresses of urban life.